About me…

Who am I?

I am a practicing endocrinologist who has an interest in medicine, health information technology, health care policy, woodworking, and politics. I also have about a dozen postings on The Health Care Blog.

I reside in Somerville, Massachusetts with my wife and two old dogs.


Why Create I Have An Idea?

Sometimes I see an event or learn something which causes me to repeatedly turn over the new information in my mind. I have found that the best way to end the mind-cycling process is to organize my thoughts “in writing” and try to publish the writing somewhere. As I am only rarely successful in getting my writings published in the academic press or op-ed pages, I created this blog as a repository for my musings. Even if no one else is interested in reading my writings, at least my mother will always feign interest.

Hayward Zwerling, M.D.

email: HZMD at me dot com

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