Our Irrational, Activist Supreme Court

As the Supreme Court has violated its uncodified compact with America, I believe it is time for America to reassess the Court’s privileged position in our society.

Fewer Guns = Fewer Gun Deaths, There is a Solution…

There are policies which will reduce gun deaths and there is a way to implement these changes, at least for the residents of the Blue States, but it requires us to treat the US Supreme Court as a judicial-political entity.

Pardon Him or Not

The Resolution to Preserve America’s Democracy is the best way to politically nullify Trump and save America’s democracy even though it circumvents some of our sacrosanct legal principles.

A 10th Supreme Court Justice

Seven weeks before the November 2022 midterm election, President Biden should nominate President Barack Obama as the 10th Justice to the US Supreme Court…

President Obama

President Joseph Biden, the Last Democratic President!?

As a result of sociopolitical trends, technologic innovations, and insights into human behavior, I believe there is a reasonable probability that President Biden will be the last Democrat to occupied the Oval Office for several decades.

My White Privilege and Antiracism

Those of us who have obtained the American dream have a moral obligation to use our resources to help make America a country where every child has an equal probability of obtaining the American dream.

Talking Politics with Patients

Physicians teach their patients the science they must understand to enable them to make informed healthcare decisions. Is it not also a physician’s responsibility to explain the science underlying public health policy and the connection between political choices, public health policies, and their health and longevity?

Lock Him Up or Not

America’s democracy now hangs in the balance. We can neither allow the criminals to go unpunished nor should we create a legal process that does further damage our fragile democracy.

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