Somerville Neighborhood Dinner

Saturday October 22 at 7PM

Venue: Zwerling’s @ 15 Elston St.
All attendees must be fully vaccinated against Covid.
Masking is optional. The hosts of this event will not be wearing a mask.
Consider self testing at home for Covid before attending (optional.)
To improve ventilation 
some windows will be kept open, thus you may want to bring a sweater.
  • Appetizer: stuffed mushrooms and a cheese plate (Rachel/Jason)
  • Appetizer
  • Soup: 
  • Salad: (Kathryn/Ken)
  • Salad: “winter salad” (Gail)
  • Main course: chicken (Mary)
  • Main course: veggie entree-probably a lasagna, though maybe a hearty soup (Florentien/Tom)
  • Side dish: vegetarian dish (Kevin/Nicole)
  • Side dish: vegetarian and GF kasha varnishkes (Ruth)
  • Dessert: Kevin/Nicole
  • Dessert: Christina
  • Beverage: BYOB and to share
    • wine: Kathryn 
Confirmed Attendees (17):
Hayward and Gail Zwerling
Kevin, Nicole, and Emerson Koch (+/- friend from France)
Christina Tedesco
Kathryn Geismar and Ken Dornstein
Mary Jeka
Ruth Bork and Kerry Dugan
Rachel and Jason Evans
Florentien deRuiter and Tom Bok
Sara Garver and Mike Bielagus
updated: 10/16/2022 9:40 AM
Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA. 10/15/2022
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